Specialist in the manufacture and installation of wood chalets throughout Europe, our company Chalet TEMPO has created an innovative range consisting of 6 different contemporary style models, insulated for use all year round, and fully equipped with kitchens and sanitary facilities.

The 6 person JAZZ chalet, the 8 person POP with an upper floor, and the positive energy ELECTRO, combining contemporary design with high performance houses, while fulfilling the same standards as mobile homes.

The FOLK, a chalet in the trees, as well as the SLOW, a floating chalet, and the ROCK, a tiny house, complete the range by adding unusual touches that are greatly appreciated by our customers.

Our modern design, Light Leisure Homes consist of wood frame walls, reinforced insulation, wood cladding, steel tray cover, and double glazing windows.

Choose the best and invest in innovative and efficient chalets, ensuring excellent depreciation and great longevity. Contact us via the contact tab; we will handle your request quickly and accompany you in building your project.